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Walk Through Bethlehem

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We are so glad that you joined us for our Walk Through Bethlehem experience. Check out the resources below to dive deeper into the the story. 



In a little town of Bethlehem underneath an unusual star, a little baby boy was born that would grow to change the world.  He spends most of his childhood in his stepfather’s carpentry shop in the town of Nazareth until he is around thirty years old. During his growing up years, the people around him marveled at his knowledge and knew there was something special about him. Jesus later became a preacher, teacher, or Rabbi, as some call him, because they respected what he was teaching.  Jesus taught with authority, and not as one who just heard or read what others were saying.  He talked about living a life filled with love more than the old law of the time.  Jesus did not write one of the books of the bible or campaign for an office.  He didn’t marry, build a business, buy a house, or spend great deals of money.  Jesus didn’t even travel very far to minister to others.  He had a small group of friends, both men and women that loved him devoutly.  The religious leaders were jealous and envious of his teaching, because the crowds were more interested in what he had to say. The religious leaders then turned the crowds against him.  One friend even sold his whereabouts for change and allowed him to be arrested.  All of Jesus’ friends ran away and even his best friend denied knowing him.  He was put on trial and proved innocent, but the crowds wanted him crucified on a cross between thieves.  When he died, he was placed in a tomb and sealed away.


But that’s not the end of his story or his life.  HE AROSE FROM THE DEAD, was seen by hundreds of people, and ascended into Heaven.  For the last 2000 years, his life, though short, has made the greatest impact on the world.  This one life still continues to be the greatest influence in the world today.      


  • What was the sign the Angels told the Shepherds and Wiseman to look for?
  • Why do you think God send baby Jesus to Earth?
  • How do you feel about what you saw during the experience?
  • Why do you think the crowds and Jesus’ friends turned their backs on him?
  • Where you surprised that Jesus’ body was not in the tomb? Why or Why Not?
  • What does his story mean for your life?

For more information or answers to some of these questions, read the book of Luke in the Holy Bible.





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