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Outreach Garden - Jim Wiginton & Corey Duncan



The Outreach Garden provides an opportunity for our members, neighbors and friends to learn how to garden and grow produce in an earth-kind manner.  By “adopting a row(s),” our “adoptive workers” get to share in the produce while also having the satisfaction of providing for those in need. Our primary partner for distribution of the food is the Community Lifeline Center, where our food pantry workers now work to provide food for those in the community who need help while going through rough times. Samaritan Inn is also a partner. Last Fall we had a very successful garden with thousands of pounds of produce given to our partnering agencies. This year we are planning a special kids and family garden as part of our 10,000 sq. ft. spring garden.  Training in Texas A & M Earth Kind vegetable garden processes is provided, including site preparation, garden planning, planting, maintenance, harvesting and food preservation. We provide the prepared soil, an irrigation system, seeds, and plants.  All we need is you. 


Our goal is still to provide food for those who need it and to be a resource where people can learn good gardening practices. In order to get our 100x100 foot garden growing strong this fall, we need volunteers. We have decided that the best way to meet this need is to ask High Pointe members and friends to "adopt a row" for our spring 2017 garden. An individual, a family, a small group, a class, or any group in between can sign up for one or more "half rows." You don't need to know anything about gardening (yet). We will help with that. What would like is for you to help us plant, check your row at least once a week for weeds and bugs and to make sure our irrigation system is working, and then harvest the crop. As a volunteer worker, you are welcome to keep up to 1/2 of your crop and trade with others to get a variety of food. All harvest not kept by the workers will go to our partner organizations and individuals in our community who need the food. We also encourage you to invite others to work with you. We hope you will invite others to work side by side as we learn to grow our food together.


If you think you are interested in working on this project, please contact the site leader, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..




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An important part of this project is the training provided. The following  training sessions have been part of our training. 


Earth-Kind® Vegetable Gardening
This presentation covers the basics of vegetable gardening here in Collin County. This program introduces the principles of Earth-Kind® gardening, and covers garden planning, site location issues, fertilizers, and soil requirements.
In Starting a Garden, the program covers the advantages of adding compost to improve the soil, how to prepare a garden, irrigation options, and the advantages of using organic mulch.
In Planting a Garden, the program covers using seeds vs. transplants, how and when to plant and mulch them, and how to save space using vertical gardening. In Maintenance, the program covers weeding, controlling (and preventing) pests and diseases, watering, tips on harvesting, and long-term care.
The program has all this information and much more! The handout will even reduce the number of notes you’ll need to take.

PDF of Power Point Presentation 1: Starting and Planting a Garden

Link to Video of Training Session 1: Training Session 1

PDF of Power Point Presentation 2: Harvest and Maintenance 


Garden Planning
Have you ever wanted to plant a vegetable garden and didn’t know where to start? Do you know what to do before you plant? Have you tried to plant vegetables, but they just did not do well? Do you know what to plant, when to plant them, how much space they take, and what you can expect to harvest? If not, this “hands-on” seminar is for you.

We will review the basics of site selection, garden size, and soil preparation. Then using the HP garden as an example, in a “hands-on” session will decide what to grow and the priority of planting, lay the garden out, and determine the number of plants/seeds. Harvest yields will be estimated. This is fun-filled “hands-on” training for all interested in vegetable gardening. 


Small Space Gardening
So, you would like to grow a few vegetables at home, but you don’t have a 100’ x 100’ area? Well, this program is tailored for the small home garden. Your garden might be a Square Foot Garden, a Container Garden, or many other forms, but the principles needed are the same.
Whether improving the native soil or making your own soil from scratch, a small garden is easy to start, to plant, and to maintain. And did you know they can be surprisingly productive, too? And you can harvest fresh salad matter all winter long if you wish.
Small gardens at home can be fun, healthy, and educational for the entire family. Come to this program and then get started on your own Small Space Garden!


Water Conservation and Irrigation 

The first of this 2-part program covers:

  •     current drought conditions affecting water usage in our homes and businesses

    steps taken by the NTMWD to conserve this most valuable natural resource, and

    how we help ensure an adequate water supply is available NOW and the FUTURE

The second part covers Drip Irrigation:

  •       The advantages of using drip irrigation

      How to convert a spray irrigation system to drip irrigation

      Do I need an irrigation specialist or can I make this conversion?

This session is designed for home owners and business operators interested in learning how they can reduce water consumption and save money.


Canning and Preserving

Do you have all of these vegetables or fruits you have grown or purchased but don’t know what to do with them? Perhaps you long for “home-grown” canned vegetables and those from a “can” don’t taste like those you remember. This training seminar is for you!

Martha Nored will demonstrate in real time “blanching” of vegetables and preparation for freezing. You will learn how to do hot-water bath canning, when to use it, and how to do pressure cooker canning. A real time demonstration of canning will be done by making jam before your very eyes. In addition, how to dehydrate food will be demonstrated. All necessary equipment, supplies, and materials will be on-hand for you to actually see. 


Harvest/Maintenance Composting

The first of these presentations covers the basics of daily maintenance of the garden, pests and diseases to watch for, how and when to harvest vegetables, and long term maintenance of the garden.

The second of these presentations covers the basics of Composting – turning leftover plants, grass clippings, leaves, and kitchen scraps into Black Gold for your garden, all while sending less material to the landfill. It includes tools needed, how to build a frame for your compost pile, what materials to use, and the ideal ratio of those materials used in your compost pile.

You will enjoy learning how to build and maintain a Compost Pile as well as uses for the compost you create.



 A Garden Dedication and Groundbreaking Ceremony was held at Highpointe Sunday, July 13, 2014   


 The fall garden was a success and a great learning experience for all of us.




If you think you are interested in working on the garden project, please contact the site leader, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..





Materials used in various training sessions

 Water Conservation and the Future (this pdf file opens in a new window)


 Drip Irrigation vs. Spray Heads (this pdf file opens in a new window)


 Compost Presentation (this pdf file opens in a new window)


 Small Space Gardens (download this pdf file)


Materials used in the first training session

Earth-Kind Garden Session Notes (this pdf file opens in a new window)



Links to Texas A&M Files:   Home Vegetable Guide – E-502        Vegetable Gardening in Containers – E-545      Growing Herbs in Texas – E-561




To learn more about volunteering for the Outreach Garden project, contact the site leaders:

Site Leader: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.








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